Satellite is the 4th album from Graham Richardson's Last Days. Richardson has this time around turned ever inward for Satellite's core inspiration.  While Richardson credits the album with certain personal themes in tow he's more apt to let the listener gather their own meaning of the album's affinity of satellite and stars.  The song New Transmission features vocals by Beth Arzy (Aberdeen, Trembling Blue Stars) and could very well sum up the album's apex while delivering the most pop affected Last Days song to date. Satellite is out Sept 17th 2013 on n5MD.

Drowned in Sound

"...Richardson is a talented composer and the organic sounds he utilises here are just as finely emotive as some of the disembodied motions of Kyle Bobby Dunn or Stars of the Lid or, for that matter, Olafur Arnalds or Nils Frahm."


"Though Richardson's music is largely digital in origin and in construction, it doesn't lack for human feeling. It is this emotional dimension, in fact, that most strongly argues on behalf of the project"

Tidningen Kulturen

"...This is a very fine album for rainy autumn nights, cold mountaintops, or starlit nights..."

Headphone Commute

"...This childhood dream pinnacles at the eleven-minute track titled “To The Sky” (a favorite on the album), where endless ethereal pads stretch into outer space becoming one with the infinite. With these thoughts I want to run out into the yard, lie on the grass, and stare into the starry sky..."

A Closer Listen

"While Satellite may seem at first to be a simple album, it sneaks up on the listener.  The mood matters more than the method.  Chimes, keys and distant drones combine to weave an atmosphere akin to the clear night sky.  With only occasional sound samples to mark one’s path, the listener is free to wander and to wonder."


"Last Days may incorporate a lot of ‘cloud’ in his music but his melodies are the silver lining. Much like past works Richardson explores somewhat melancholy themes (this time isolation and reclusiveness) and counter-balances with optimism. The real narrative theme of Satellite is: ‘Don’t hide from the world. We are all satellites, all alone, but if we look around us there is beauty’ 9/10"


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